Hi, I’m Pete! I’m a product designer based in Northern Ireland. I am a founding designer at Interplay.

At Interplay we’re working to close the gap between design and engineering by automating the repetitive work that’s required to translate design to code and back again. We’re helping designers get closer to production code without writing code and building for a future where designers can own the process from concept to production. If you’re working with design systems drop me a message and I’d love to show you what we’re building.

I’m a founding fellow of the On Deck Designers Fellowship which is an eight-week remote program for ambitious designers who want to hone their skills, increase their impact and grow as leaders.

Before joining Interplay I freelanced for 7 years and worked remotely all over Europe. I work a 4 day week and I would recommend it. I generally get completely obsessed about whatever I’m interested in which currently includes mechanical keyboards, gardening, investing, co-housing projects, writing and coffee.

If you’d like to get in touch you can drop me an email, find me on twitter or connect on Linkedin.