I’m a freelance product designer from Northern Ireland. I partner and collaborate with people, organisations and companies to help them plan, design and ship great products that are simple, beautiful and easy to use.

At the moment, I’m working with Interplay to help them build a new design tool which lets designers use code components from their design system to design visually in the browser. It’s in private beta and you should sign up here 🙌

I am also a visting lecturer in Visual Communication Design at IADT where I teach designers to code. I believe a practical understanding of code is a crucial part of design education. It empowers designers to build and prototype things themselves and on larger projects it gives them the skills to collaborate more effectively with developers.

I’m at my best, and happiest, when I’m making products that are not only useful and beautiful, but that contribute towards making both the web and our world a better place.

I’m not currently available for new projects but you can still say hi on email or find me on twitter.